Metastasis is the last step of a complex process in which a tumor cell leaves the primary tumor, penetrates the bloodstream and finally colonizes a distant organ.

So far, a collaboration between the team INSERM U1109 and a team from the IPCMS in Strasbourg has shown the influence of hemodynamics on attachment sites of tumor cells, using the zebrafish embryo as model.
HemoTum++ aims at building in silico models in order to better target the mechanisms involved.


  • Rebuild the arterial/venous system of the zebrafish tail in 3D.
  • Simulate the red blood cells and tumor cells flow in order to reproduce and extend in vivo and in vitro experiments.
  • Model the chemical interactions between tumor cells and vessel walls and integrate them into the mechanical model.


We use Feel++ the flagship software of Cemosis for simulations.

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  • Jacky Goetz
  • Sébastien Harlepp
  • Christophe Prud’homme


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