Feel++ at Unistra Open-Access Week

prudhomm Conference, Europe, Hifimagnet, HPC, Phd, Software

Christophe Prud’homme presents the Open-Source Software Feel++ at the Open-Access Week On Oct 21 2019. Feel++ is the main software asset of Cemosis and is used in many collaborations with other disciplines and entreprises

Open science aims to:

  • Disseminate publications and data produced by public research without hindrance;
  • Rely on digital mutation to develop open access to publications and research data;
  • Build an ecosystem in which science improves the quality of its approaches and results (reproducible science): more cumulative, more strongly supported by data, more transparent, faster and more universally accessible;
  • Democratize access to knowledge useful for research, training, the economy and society;
  • Remove publicly funded research from the confined framework of closed databases, reduce duplicate efforts in the collection, creation, transfer, reuse of scientific equipment and thus increase the efficiency of research;
  • Promote scientific advances, including unexpected advances, innovation, economic and social progress (in France, developed and developing countries);
  • To be a lever for scientific integrity and to foster public confidence in science, by associating them with it.

The University of Strasbourg is very strongly committed to open science and this day is an opportunity to present existing and successful open science initiatives at our university.

More info at https://openaccessweek.unistra.fr