Oct 2016 ICIAM Newsletter with an interview of Patrice Hauret from Michelin

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The 4-th issue of the ICIAM newsletter in 2016


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The October 2016 issue of ICIAM newsletter is out with a very interesting interview of Patrice Hauret from Michelin by Maria J. Esteban. Patrice Hauret received the Felix Klein Prize in 2016.   They exchange on the collaborations between mathematician and entreprises, the issues, the modalities and the current excellent opportunities at this interface.


Excerpt from P. Hauret Interview:

“MJE: Can you detail a little bit about how you see the collaboration of mathematicians with companies in general?

PH: I believe that nowadays, academic and industrial challenges strongly benefit from each other. In particular, mathematicians should never under-estimate the possibility for real-life problems to drive them into uncharted scientific territories. Conversely, engineers should be open to the possibility that abstract perspectives shed a new light on their problems and solutions. In this context, it is very important to bring mutual curiosity into collaborations, from which comes unexpected value, more than just trading results for money. I have been lucky enough to experience such two-way collaborations, with much satisfaction on both sides and often groundbreaking results. This is, for instance, the model underlying the Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany, or the Carnot Institutes in France”