Simulation of two-fluid flows using a finite element/level-set method in 3D. Application to two drop benchmarks

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We present a numerical framework for the simulation of three-dimensional multi-fluid flows based on a finite element/level-set approach. The method allows a full Eulerian ” tracking ” of the interfaces between the fluids, and the properties of the interfaces can be directly taken into account as surface forces. The resolution of the fluid equations and the advection of the interface can be easily decoupled, which enables the use of efficient solving strategies. We also present a 3D benchmark of the rise of a drop in a viscous fluid. We use two different setups and compare our results to previous results obtained with other approaches to validate our method.

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A new paper benchmarking in 3D our finite element/level set framework in Feel++.  The framework is then used in various projects and in particular in Blood Rheology and Hemotum++ to simulate red blood cells or tumor in blood flows.