Cemosis and his partners invest in Cemracs’16

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As mentioned in  previous posts [1,2] Cemosis will be present at the Cemracs’16 on numerical challenges in parallel scientific computing. Cemosis and his partners invest a lot of effort in this Cemracs’16 in order to move forward significantly and in short time three major Cemosis projects in Health : Blood Rheology, Eye2Brain and HemoTum++.

10 persons will spend from a week to  the full length of the Cemracs thanks to various funding sources. Overall we are going to spend 25000 Euros including the time of our research engineer Alexandre Ancel who will administer the computer ressources.



  • IPCMS (Sébastien Harlepp, UNISTRA)
  • INSERM (Jacky Goetz, UNISTRA)
  • Liphy (Mourad Ismail, UGA)
  • LJK (Emmanuel Maitre, UGA)
  • IRMA/Cemosis(Christophe Prud’homme, UNISTRA)
  • IUPUI (Giovanna Guidoboni)


  1. Christophe Prud’homme
  2. Emmanuel Maitre
  3. Mourad Ismail
  4. Thibaut Metivet
  5. Vincent Chabannes
  6. Lorenzo Sala
  7. Arnaud Sengers
  8. Vincent  Doyeux
  9. Romain Hild
  10. Marie Houillon
  11. Alexandre Ancel

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