A Cemosis project in Health at Cemracs 2016

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Thanks to Cemosis and the collaborations developed for the last few years in the context of health, we have developed within our flagship software Feel++ various mathematical models and numerical methods to tackle advanced simulation of blood flows in vessels including in the presence of Red Blood Cells. This collaboration (RBC3D – Blood Rheology) is between Cemosis, the Liphy (Mourad Ismail) and LJK (Emmanuel Maitre) in U. Grenoble Alpes. More recently we have started (i) an international collaboration (Eye2Brain) with IUPUI (Giovanna Guidoboni, Alon Harris)  and Politecnico di Milano (Riccardo Sacco) on the mathematical modeling and simulation of blood flows in the brain and eye and their interactions and (ii) a collaboration (Hemotum++) with IPCMS (Sébastien Harlepp) and INSERM (Jacky Goetz) in Strasbourg on the influence of hemodynamics on attachment sites of Tumor Cells.

In this Cemracs project, we will work on these three projects as they share a lot of code base and methodology. Moreover Hemotum++ includes actually the work of RBC3D – Blood Rheology.

The people at the Cemracs will be

  • Emmanuel Maitre (U Grenoble Alpes – LJK)
  • Mourad Ismail (U Grenoble Alpes – Liphy)
  • Christophe Prud’homme (U. Strasbourg – Cemosis)
  • Vincent Chabannes (U. Strasbourg – Cemosis)
  • Thibaut Metivet (U. Grenoble Alpes – Liphy/LJK)
  • Vincent Doyeux (U. Toulouse)
  • Arnaud Sengers (U. Grenoble Alpes – LJK)
  • Romain Hild (U. Strasbourg – IRMA/Cemosis)
  • Lorenzo Sala (U. Strasbourg – IRMA/Cemosis)
  • Marie Houillon (U. Strasbourg – IRMA/Cemosis)

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