The principle of a bioreactor landfill consists in accelerating biodegradation of wastes. Maintaining an optimal degree of humidity, in particular fostering leachates recirculation helps to achieve this goal. The chemical reaction produces gaz which is reprocessed in another form of energy (heat, electricity, …).


The goal of this project is to modelize the chemical reaction occuring inside a real bioreactor, then to generalize the whole bioreactor operating system. The final goal is to control the gaz production in order to optimize bioreactor yield in function of the energy needs. A multiphasic model has been established during a math-entreprise studying week “Semaine d’Étude Math-Entreprise” (SEME). A C++ implementation of the model has been proposed during the “Centre d’Été Mathématique de Recherche Avancée en Calcul Scientifique” (CEMRACS 2015) using the FEEL++ library which is developed in local.


We use Feel++ the flagship software of Cemosis for simulations and model parameters tuning.


  • Entreprise CHARIER
  • Science entreprise – décisions (See-d)
  • LMBA – Université de Bretagne-Sud (UBS)
  • Cemosis/IRMA – Université de Strasbourg (UDS)



SEME 2015

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