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Plenary session at Ecmi 2018 by C. Prud’homme

In c++, Conference, Énergies sûres, propres et efficaces, Eye2Brain, Health, Health, demographic change and well-being, Hifimagnet, HPC, MSO4SC, News, Programming, Safe, clean and efficient energy, Santé, Évolution démographique et bien-être by celinecq

  Christophe Prud’homme presented recent mathematical advances in our two flagship Cemosis projects eye2brain and hifimagnet as a plenary speaker at ECMI 2018, Budapest, Hungary. Abstract Christophe created the Center for …

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Hager and Cemosis Success story at ECMI 2018

In AMIES, c++, Conference, Énergies sûres, propres et efficaces, Fight against climate change, efficient use of resources and raw materials, HPC, Lutte contre le changement climatique, utilisation efficace des ressources et des matières premières, Math-Entreprise, News, Programming, Safe, clean and efficient energy by celinecq

  Christophe Prud’homme presented one of the Math-Enterprise interaction success stories at Cemosis called Math for Smart Energy project at Home (M4SE@Home, ECMI 2018, Budapest, Hungary.). It is a joint work with …

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Thread, future and promise

In Programming, by prudhomm

In the C++11 standard several concurrency related classes were added. I will talk about thread, future and promise. Yes, I know there are others more useful than these three. However, I think that it is really important to know well the bases to be able to use the more complex ones properly.